Big Road Blues

Tommy Johnson recorded ‘Big Road Blues’ in 1928.  It’s a delta blues, with driving passion, but what I find stunning about Tommy Johnson is his voice – so rich! In fact, with most of these old time bluesmen, though we try and emulate their guitar playing, it’s often their voices that sets them apart.


By the way – many years ago I used to play this with a friend in Oxford who would play Willie Brown’s M&O blues on top.  The two tunes merged together perfectly. Remember this, Mark? Hope you’re still playing?




2 thoughts on “Big Road Blues”

    1. Someone advised me to sing from the stomach/diaphragm – which I tried. Now I sound like a sheep bleating – so I’m told. Had planned to slot in some nice bluesy licks during a break, but it was cold out – wanted to get back in the car without screwing the song up.


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